Sponsorship and Promotion

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Presenting your company and its products at industry-specific events is a vital element of b2b marketing. Your company can take part in events organized by AGROVETCONSULTING in a number of different ways: as a partner or sponsor with the chance to address the audience, as an exhibition participant, or as a distant member. Our events take place in the whole of Russia so you can decide which areas and cities are of most interest to you.

Some facts about our events:

• High attendance levels for our events are guaranteed.

• Our database boasts over 7,500 Russian veterinary practitioners, built up over eleven years of active event management.

• Admission for vets is free. This way, all companies supporting our events are investing in the further training of Russian vets. 

• Collaboration with us is easy: what you are entitled to is set out in the contract according to the level of sponsorship you have selected, and we always keep our end of the bargain and fulfil our promises.

• We establish, maintain and develop good relations with veterinary institutions (committees and authorities, field-related colleges) which enable us to reach a large audience, including public sector employees.

• We maintain a high standard in all aspects of our events, from the choice of speakers and subject matter to the site itself, right down to refreshments on offer.

Contact us to find out what levels of sponsorship are available at every event and which selection of locations and levels of sponsorship will best help you reach your marketing and commercial objectives.

You had trouble finding the location, type of event or level of sponsorship you were seeking for? Or perhaps you are considering hosting your own event, but you don’t have the experienced staff, lack time or human resources to do so? If so, we will be more than happy to help you to find a suitable solution.