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State registration of veterinary products and feed supplements is a fundamental and compulsory condition of their sale in the Russian Federation. Registration of drugs for veterinary use and of feed supplements is a process involving several stages requiring preparation of documents and liaising with government bodies.

AGROVETCONSULTING specializes in assisting developers, manufacturers, and importers of drugs for veterinary use and feed supplements with the state registration of their products.

Our specialists will: 
• draw up your enquiry to the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service (Rosselkhoznadzor) to find out if there is a need to register a given product; 
• advise you as to the current requirements for state registration; 
• compile, and confirm your agreement to, a plan for passing each phase of the state registration process; 
• organize any tests needed to compile the full set of necessary documents (the registration file); 
• prepare the registration file for presentation to the relevant state bodies; 
• present the registration file to those state bodies, and support you at each stage of the state registration process; 
• consult with you and promptly remedy any issues raised by experts at those state bodies; 
• take receipt of, and present you with, the registration certificate and approved documentation.

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